A lot of travelers look for far away vacation destinations and expect to find bargain deals for such kind of vacations. However, what most of them overlook is that they can also find great vacation deals for nearby vacation destinations. So, if you don’t want to be one of them, then here are some tips on how you can find a good vacation destination spot within your area.

See Local Ads

Browse for advertisements in your local newspapers. Most often, you can find more ads during Thursdays and Fridays. The Sunday travel section would also give you pages of and pages of ads. You can always find ads for RV rentals, hiking trips, local park cabins, and meditation retreats that you can take up in pristine mountains near your area.

Get A Map And Explore

You should also try getting hold of your town or state’s map. Try looking through the maps for waterfalls, national parks, gorges, streams, or mountain ranges that has lots of underground caves and hiking trails.

Go To Your Local Train Station

You can also try checking out your local train station to see whether they offer tours which can tour you around the town, city or to neighboring cities. There are times in which your neighboring towns hold local fairs, crafts shows, market days, drama theatre, competitions, movie theaters, and the likes that can be enjoyable for you and your family.

Go To Your Local Bus Station

You can also try checking out your local bus station and browse through their offerings and packages. They could even give you free coupons that you could use to get discounts on different tourist stops along the way. Most children love bus rides since it’s like a roller coaster ride for them.

Local Museums And Tourist Centers

Your local museums is a superb resource for tourists visiting your city. Hence, you could try visiting it to find out about the local tourist spots around your town that you can visit. They can even give you brochures about such as  jacuzzi tub, spots to give you more information on the destinations.

Other than your local museum, you can also opt to visit your town’s visitor center or tourist office. This is yet another good way to get information on the places around your town. Most likely, you could find agents in the office that could give you tips of places to see, coupon books, detailed maps, schedules and price information if ever you have to pay for anything.

Local Travel Agencies

You may also want to visit your local travel agency and ask about the different spots that you could visit within a 50 to 100 mile distance from your location. They could even arrange for your trip. However, it would still be cheaper if you do this by yourself. Again, they can also give you brochures and information on the spots, and instructions on how to get there.

Visit The Schools

Most of the time, local schools have field trip activities or excursions for their children. In such activities, they usually take the kids to fun places just around the city or in neighboring cities. You can try visiting your local school and ask them about this matter and see if you can bring your family there to spend a wonderful day.